Suffolk Local Offer

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Reviews: Revised Review Report

Suffolk is moving to a revised version of the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Review report.
29 Apr 2024

An EHCP must be reviewed at least annually; the Review report is used to share the recommendations from the review meeting back to the Local Authority (LA) to support the LA’s decision-making process.

Following consultation with a variety of education settings, a revised version of the EHCP Review Report has been coproduced and will be available, alongside guidance notes, on the Suffolk Learning website and our Annual Reviews page for use by all education settings from Monday May 13.

The new EHCP Review report template includes a new approach to scaling outcomes for children and young people; the 1-5 scaling will allow for more comprehensive reporting on the progress of children and young people towards the achievement of their outcomes.

In addition, you will see adaptations and some new questions. These changes have been made to promote person centred planning, prompt forward thinking about transitions, enhance reporting of progress, and better support the capturing of input and views to inform the EHCP review.

We appreciate that you may be mid-way through some reviews utilising the existing template, and those completed using the existing template will continue to be accepted by SEND Family Services. There will therefore be a transition to use of the new template over the summer term, with an expectation that the new template is consistently used by education settings to complete Review reports from the Autumn term.

We may make some revisions to the EHCP review report based on feedback from education settings throughout the summer term; the latest version of the review report will be available from the Suffolk Local Offer and Suffolk Learning websites.

We will also be coproducing a revised version of the Family Advice form, Child Views form and Preparing for Adulthood form (previously Moving into Adulthood) to improve how we gather views of children, young people and parents and carers to input to the review of an Education, Health and Care Plan. Further details will be communicated in due course.