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Preparing for adulthood

Information on preparing for adulthood, including work, benefits and community.
Community and relationships
Advice for young adults on their social lives and engaging with the adult world.
Friend group of young people with SEND
Health into adulthood
Helping young people adjust to taking care of their own health.
woman seeing her doctor
Independent living
Independent living is an important goal for many young people.
Woman in wheelchair inside house
Money matters
If you have a young person with additional needs, you or they may be entitled to financial support.
Woman placing coin in piggy bank
Other advice and support
Additional information on advocacy, legal rights and more.
A support group
Planning for the future
Resources to help your young person plan as they approach adulthood.
Man makes plans for work and travel
Post-16 education
As young people move towards adulthood, new education opportunities become available.
teenagers working on a laptop
Social care into adulthood
Advice on receiving support for day to day living into adulthood.
Two women cooking pasta
Employment helps people of all abilities to be independent and feel part of their community.
People at work

Preparing For Adulthood: Transitions Guide

Our transitions guide provides an overview of topics related to preparing for adulthood, including education, health, work, travel, social care and more. 

The transitions guide