Suffolk Local Offer

Welcoming places

Places that accommodate for young people with additional needs.

The following map shows 'Welcoming places:' locations nominated by young people that make them feel safe, supported and welcome.

Click on each listing to find out more.

These places have not been vetted by Suffolk County Council staff and are the personal opinion of young people we have made contact with through our SEND Young Person’s Network groups at colleges and schools in Suffolk.

Help for venues looking to be more welcoming to young people with SEND

Children and young people with SEND and their families have told us they want to feel safe, welcome and included within their local communities.

They have also given us a list of actions you can take to help them access and feel welcome in your venue:

  • Staff greet customers and/or smile
  • Make it clear who customers can speak to if they have questions or concerns
  • Have a map, guide, or interactive video to help people around the venue
  • Helping customers who feel uncomfortable in large groups or crowds
  • Have a clear set of rules and expectations for your venue on display
  • Help customers listen properly to instructions