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Suffolk Local Offer


Support for children and young people in making their voices heard and their own decisions clear.

An advocate is someone who is independent of social services and the NHS, and who isn't part of your family or a close friend. Advocacy can support you to:

  • make your opinions, views and concerns known
  • find out about your rights and options
  • make your own choices
  • be involved in decision-making
  • take part in important formal meetings

They will not give you their personal opinion, solve problems or make decisions for you, but they will listen to what you want, support you to speak up for yourself, and help you to find information to make informed decisions and take control of your life.

Suffolk Advocacy Service, provides Independent Advocacy support for both children and adults across Suffolk, the service is delivered by POhWER, in partnership with ACE Anglia, Suffolk Family Carers, and Suffolk User Forum.

Download the flyer or follow this link to their website for more details and referral information.