Suffolk Local Offer

Activities Unlimited Review and Redesign

Since 2020, we have been reviewing all aspects of our service.

When we opened our Short Break Service in 2009 we had around 350 members. By 2020 we had over 5,000 children and young people registered, nearly 2000 of whom received a Short Breaks Personal Budget.

We were proud of how our service has grown, and wanted to continue to meet more families' Short Break needs, but in order to continue to do this we recognised that we needed to review the situation and adapt accordingly. With that in mind, over the first half of 2020 we spent some time looking at different areas of our service, to see what was working well, and whether there was anything we could improve. We also asked for feedback from families and professionals to help us do this.

We looked at four key focus areas:

1. Our short break award assessment and allocation process

2. Our AU Holiday Lodges

3. Our Grant Funded Short Break Provision

4. Our website

You can view a brief infographic about each stage here, or for more in-depth information about the various stages of the review, please click the drop down menus below.