Suffolk Local Offer

Autism and Nature

A non-profit organisation who aim to improve life for children with autism by engaging them with nature.

Autism and Nature believe that contact with the natural world can benefit a child’s learning, health and wellbeing, and act to raise awareness of these benefits by developing educational resources in partnership with schools, local authorities, conservation organisations and autism charities.

Their books are designed to help parents, carers and teachers to engage children with autism and related disabilities with the countryside, natural world and rural heritage. Illustrations are accompanied by simple text supported by Widgit symbols.

They have kindly made the resources below available for families in Suffolk to download free of charge.

Many of their resources are also available in eBook and audiovisual forms on YouTube and/or the Widgit website, where you will also find books in the same series exploring other areas.

Visit the Widgit website to find out more.

Visit the Autism and Nature channel on YouTube.