Suffolk Local Offer

Support in mainstream

Most children with special educational needs will have those needs met within their local mainstream school.

Education settings are responsible for meeting the educational needs of the children and young people on their roll, by providing high quality teaching and support and by adapting and differentiating the curriculum to enable the children within their classes to learn. Most of the time this meets children’s needs without there needing to be any special provision in place.

Where a child is identified as needing more support to learn, the setting looks to identify what that child's needs might be, and how they might be able to be met. The process of identifying and then providing for these needs is called “SEN Support”.

You can read more about the sort of things a school/setting can put in place below.

What support is available in mainstream?
Suffolk expect that schools and settings will involve the child, young person and their parent/carer as fully as possible in the decisions that affect them.
Part-time Timetables
Sometimes schools may use part time timetables to help children adjust into school life, especially after a period of absence.
Suspensions and Exclusions
Find out more about suspensions, exclusions and the In-Year Fair Access (IYFAP)
Specialist support for mainstream schools
Information on the teams who support schools to meet the needs of pupils with SEND.