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Suffolk Local Offer

Social care into adulthood

Advice on receiving support for day to day living into adulthood.

This section aims to help young people moving into adulthood learn more about their adult social care options.

If your child has a disability and/or additional needs, they may already have a social worker before their 16th birthday. If this is the case, then their social worker will be involved in helping plan their transition to adulthood.

Adult social care is available to young adults aged 18+ who are ready to transition from children's social care.

Moving to adult social care services
Guidance for families on transitioning to adult care services.
Social care personal budgets
Using a care and support assessment to get help with your care needs.
Support for young people leaving care
Support for young people leaving the care of the local authority.
Wellbeing deputyship
Making medical decisions on behalf of someone who lacks the capacity to do so themselves.