Suffolk Local Offer

Support to attend school

Some children find attending school harder than others, for all sorts of reasons. Find more about the support available.
If your child is struggling to attend school, there is help available. Please find out more using the buttons below.
Emotionally based school avoidance (EBSA)
EBSA is a term used to describe children and young people who have difficulty attending school due to emotional factors.
Students with medical needs
Support for students with ongoing health or medical needs.
Support for parent carers
Find out more about groups, resources and workshops to help you support your child to attend school.
School Attendance
Attendance at school is one of the biggest factors in a young person's academic success.
Part-time timetables
Sometimes schools may use part time timetables to help children adjust into school life, especially after a period of absence.
Suspensions and Exclusions
Find out more about suspensions, exclusions and the In-Year Fair Access (IYFAP).
Coping with change
Supporting your child in times of transition